Poise Liners

Poise® Liners provide thin, discreet light bladder leakage (LBL) protection. They are more absorbent than leading period liners so you remain protected to feel feminine, confident and in control.

Ideal for very light bladder leakage when you cough, sneeze or have a giggle. 3 x drier than leading feminine care liners. More info.

  • Product Code: 91852
  • Total Capacity: 15ml
  • Products/Pack: 10
  • Packs/Case: 20
  • Other Specifications: Pad Length: 150mm

Ideal for very light bladder leakage. Thin and discreet protection. Great for everyday use. More info.

  • Product Code: 91673
  • Total Capacity: 25ml
  • Products/Pack: 18
  • Packs/Case: 8
  • Other Specifications: Pad Length: 165mm

For protection and confidence with light bladder leakage. 3 x more absorbent than most feminine care liners, just as discreet. More info.

  • Product Code: 91853
  • Total Capacity: 50ml
  • Products/Pack: 26
  • Packs/Case: 6
  • Other Specifications: Pad Length: 190mm

POISE® Ultra Long Liners are the longest liners in market^, providing ultimate coverage for better protection against light bladder leakage when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. They are 4x drier than leading feminine care liners & 2x more absorbent than you may need. With superior 3-in-1 dryness, comfort and odour control which a period liner can't provide, you've got POISE® products to help you feel feminine, confident & in control.

† Based on US Consumer Use Testing. ^Retail market for Feminine care and Incontinence Liners in ANZ. *No added azo dyes, natural rubber latex, elemental chlorine or other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark – see www.poise.com.au/noaddednasties.

More info.

  • Product Code: 91900
  • Total Capacity: 70ml
  • Products/Pack: 20
  • Packs/Case: 6
  • Other Specifications: Pad Length: 238mm

Ideal for when you need a longer liner particularly when you’re exercising. More info.

  • Product Code: 01859
  • Total Capacity: 70ml
  • Products/Pack: 22
  • Packs/Case: 6
  • Other Specifications: Pad Length: 215mm